One Day Juice Cleanse
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One Day Juice Cleanse

One Day Juice CleanseI bought a juicer!  And completed a one day juice cleanse which was amazing! It’s so nice to make your own juices. I wanted to give you all a review of the cleanse so here you go. But I obviously loved it because while I write this I am doing my second one day juice cleanse!

We already know I am not crafty or clever enough to create my own one day juice cleanse. So I made my way to pinterest and found one that would work for me, and keep my IBD happy.

There were a few things that were important to me about a juice cleanse:

  1. I don’t want to consume solely juice for all my meals. I need substance. I didn’t want this to be a glorified colonoscopy prep.
  2. I need a quick reset to help my digestive system rest and detox from the past week.
  3. I want to curb my sugar need and help to lower the amount I am consuming in the day. (I’m still trying to work on my relationship with food. This could help keep me in line and connect with my body.)
  4. At this moment, I don’t want to do an extended cleanse with a million ingredients and is time consuming.

So when I stumbled upon this one day juice cleanse by Ashley Lillis, I was eager to try! It seemed to tick off all the boxes I was looking for. It includes 3 simple juices and an almond milk beverage over the course of the day. After you finish your juice, you can have a light dinner.

I feel this one day cleanse is IBD safe, though I am not a doctor and only you can make that call for your body and your IBD.

I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous to not eat all day because of how my mind is working around food lately. I have been getting hung up with macros. Along with questioning if I am getting enough protein. I’ll have this extra protein shake even though I’m not hungry. I’m worried about having too much fat…but healthy fats are good for your hormones and IBD in general. This is something I am still working through, but I was hoping this little reset would help!

When reading up on juice cleanses, I realized that many recommend not having caffeine.

So, I was nervous about that too. I drink coffee every single day. Though, I have been working to lower my caffeine consumption due to my ongoing bladder issues, but I haven’t gone cold turkey! Caffeine is metabolized in the liver and the purpose of cleansing is to give organs like your liver a break, so I gave the no caffeine thing a try too! Spoiler alert: I survived!

The cleanse that I’ve now done twice, consists of 3 different juices: a green juice, a beet based juice, and a fruit/ginger juice. A grocery list and schedule are provided in her post about the cleanse. Those three different juices help to curb sugar cravings, detox the liver, and give you a boost of good digestive enzymes and antioxidants. You consume a juice every 2 hours, end with an almond milk drink, and then can have a light dinner. I chose to have a lean protein with non-starchy vegetables rather than a salad for my meal which is recommended. So my dinner consisted of grilled salmon and some zucchini with sautéed greens! To make my day easier (because I also use Sundays for meal prep…cruel I know) I made all my juices in the morning and stored them in the fridge until I needed them.

One Day Juice CleanseMy honest review of the juices…

The green juice was great to start with! You do get a slight bite from the celery, but overall its not too “earthy” and not too sweet which made it perfect for the first juice of the day. The second juice, the beet juice, was a little too “beety” for me. This time around I added more lemon to this juice and it helped. I think I just need to tweak it a smidge to make it taste better to me. But, it’s totally drinkable and is great to help detox your liver which is trying to take a much needed break!

The third juice called restore is the pineapple based juice. This one is the most yummy! And right at lunch time. You repeat the green and beet juice one more time each and end with a cinnamon, slightly sweet, almond milk which I just used my carton for. I didn’t have time to make my own.

Overall, the cleanse is great! I definitely am going to make this part of my routine each week, if possible! I definitely feel less bloated afterwards and it helps to rid of excess water. I rarely felt hungry during the day because you have the juices so often. And it was easy to just drink water when my stomach rumbled knowing I was going to have dinner. My mindset may have been different if I wasn’t going to be able to eat at all. So, I highly recommend this cleanse! It’s easy peasy, the juices taste great, and your getting much needed nutrients you may not be getting during the week all while giving your insides a break!



One Day Juice Cleanse