My Quarantine Skincare Routine

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I wanted to talk to you all about my current skincare routine. This quarantine has been a great time for me to work on my skin so I wanted to share what I am doing with you guys! We all know that Crohn’s, and IBD in general, can wreak havoc on our skin. Inflammation, redness, rosacea, acne due to hormonal and digestive issues, you name it, we all struggle with something. 

People who suffer from multiple autoimmune syndromes typically have a skin condition in addition to the other array of diagnoses they have. I know for me, my rosacea tends to get real bad if my Crohn’s is unhappy. But, there are ways to keep your skin tame even while dealing with everything else. It is known that gut issues can cause a multitude of skin problems, so here we are stuck with a digestive disease and want bright, glowing skin. Seems like we are being set up for failure here, but there are ways to have your skin looking great!

Before I get into my routine, I HIGHLY encourage that you consistently go to a dermatologist if you have an IBD diagnosis. Why? Well, we take lots of medications that shut down our immune systems. This opens the door for a multitude of skin issues and leaves us susceptible to things like skin cancer, rashes and just an overall change in our skin. I had skin cancer caught early because I go to a dermatologist every six months. To say I’m lucky is an understatement. Crohn’s has also completely changed my skin. I’ve always been pale, but used to tan easily and barely burned. Now I go outside for 5 minutes and I’m a lobster. I have always had beauty marks, all over, but now I am getting more and more in questionable patterns that are being monitored by my doctors. Your skin tells you a lot about what is going on inside your body! So, my friends, pay attention to it and take care of it so you can get a better handle on what may be going on internally.

Okay so now for what I am currently doing with links if you are interested in the products I am using! First, and foremost though, let me give you a no brainer here, water is your best friend! So be sure to drink tons of water everyday. It’s great for your skin and your overall health. I am also taking advantage of this quarantine and of the whole no makeup thing because I am not going out. This is doing wonders for my skin going from wearing makeup every single day to nothing at all. So take advantage of that! Overall, I try to use skin care products that are clean, reasonably priced (don’t get me wrong I love me some of the expensive stuff but who has time for that!), and easy to get my hands on! With IBD we typically suffer most from acne and redness so that is what my current routine is focusing on, clearing up the acne and reducing the redness.

Morning Routine:

  1. I wash my face every morning with a mixture of 2 face washes right now. Cleaning your skin every morning is important because of the bacteria and other junk that build up overnight while you sleep. I am using Pacifica’s Acne Defense Wash and Cactus Revive Milk to Foam face wash.
  2. Toner. People have their feelings about toner. I like it, and apply it onto a clean face. I am using COSRX AHA/BHA toner. 
  3. Serum time! Depending on the day depends on the one I use. I like to rotate. I am currently using Derma E Concentrated Vitamin C serum or SheaMoisture Glow Getter Serum.
  4. Now to moisturize. I use Derma E Anti-Wrinkle Renewal Cream. I didn’t take care of my skin until my late twenties and I am paying for it now. This helps to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles for me along with moisturizing. It’s great under makeup and feels lightweight so I love it!

After a long day, it is important to clean your skin and prep it to

rejuvenate overnight. Majority of the products in my arsenal are the same as the morning, so that makes it simple! So for nighttime:

  1. Cleanse that face! At night I either use my Acne Defense Wash or I switch it up and use Derma E’s Hydrating Cleanser. I keep my Acne Defense wash in the shower, so I will use Derma E out of straight laziness because it is right on the sink! But I love it nonetheless!
  2. Peel time! I am currently using an acid peel which is helpful to reduce inflammation and exfoliate your skin. I love it, but be cautious at first with this, it can cause dryness at first so start slow. I use The Ordinary Lactic Acid and HA.
  3. More serum! I solely use the Derma E Concentrated Vitamin C serum at night. Lock in the moisture and brighten that skin! Another product I am currently not using but love is Eminence Licorice Root Serum which helps brighten skin and help with hyperpigmentation which I suffer badly from! When I am ready for a change in the routine I’ll be adding this back in!
  4. And now for my fave, the Derma E Anti-Wrinkle Renewal Cream for the benefits described earlier! Feels great on the skin at night before bed!

I try to keep things simple. I don’t like spending a ton of time in the morning and night when doing these things so I’ve found a balance. Taking advantage of masks is something I love doing once or twice a week as well. Lately I have been doing Pacifica’s Bubbling Crystals Charcoal mask and Formula 10.0.6 Get Your Glow On mask. They are the perfect selfcare sunday treat which we all deserve!

Well, I hope everyone enjoys my routine. I love hearing about what other people do to combat their skin issues. Let me know! I love revamping my routine!


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