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    Goodbye For Now

    It’s been some time since I’ve logged onto Conquering Crohn’s. And because of that, I say “Goodbye for now”.   This page has been an excellent outlet for me to share my thoughts, give insight, and learn. But most importantly it has been a space for me to find some fulfillment in being there for others when I myself wasn’t doing great. Either with my Crohn’s disease, mentally, or emotionally.   I have found that lately I am in a good space. Which is great! But I don’t want to expend the time to write here. Or for other blogs I have written for in the past. At the end…

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    Surviving Change with IBD

    Originally posted 2/17/2020. Updated 1/11/2022 Change is hard for anyone! But you, can survive change even with IBD. These past few years have been a rollercoaster ride. The rules continue to change, we aren’t sure what the latest safety precautions are, and are probably just sick of the constant runaround. Aside from what is going on in the world, change is inevitable, and at times can be good. Think. You get a new job or you’re moving to a new place.  You may be transitioning into a new lifestyle (hello, plant based life!!), and your routine and life take a turn. This turn isn’t necessarily for the worst…but it’s completely…

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    Traveling with IBD

    Originally published 9/7/2019. Updated 12/12/2021 I just traveled for the first time in a LONG time. Traveling with IBD can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be! After my trip out to the east coast I figured it would be an appropriate time to revamp this post. If you are traveling for the holidays or for your leisure, read on to see what you can do to make it a little easier for you! Back in 2019… I want to take the time to talk about traveling with IBD. My husband and I are going on a week long cruise in the Carribean and Mexico and there are a…

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    Working with Crohn’s Disease

    3 Tips to Keep Working While Living With IBD Keeping up with work is hard, even when you don’t have Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis. But, it’s possible! Since I graduated with my master’s degree, I have been working full time. My IBD has not stopped me from keeping up with school or work, though it has come pretty close. Maintaining your health is a job within itself when suffering from an autoimmune disease. Working with Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis is possible. With the pandemic, working with Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis could potentially be easier. Many people have the option to work from home right now. That makes…

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    5 Tips to Conquer the 2020 Holiday Season

    This is a revamp of last years Holiday Tips for IBD post I did. This year is strange and different, but as we enter the holiday season there are things we can do to make it out flare free! Here are 5 tips to conquer the 2020 Holiday Season! Last year, I wrote a post for the Autoimmune Sisters and here is what I shared! How I conquer the holidays! A lot of my steps are similar to conquering special occasions or any outing, but when it comes to the holidays, there is just this added buzz around it that is magical, but also tiring! The holidays are right around…

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    Strengthening Hope

    The Autoimmune Sisters’ theme for September was Hope. I didn’t know what direction I wanted to take when I was looking for inspiration to write this article for them (see it here). But, after a while, it came to me after reading a few posts on the internet. With everything going on, I think it’s time we look at hope a little differently, and even strengthen and build on it. Read on to see what I came up with! We have all been there. Struggling with our autoimmune illness, seeing no end in sight. Finding hope in a time like that can be really hard. Especially since we all know…

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    From MA to CA! Moving Tips for People with IBD

    Moving tips for people with IBD I know I haven’t been active here, but it is because I just moved across the country! Moving, no matter how far, can cause some unwanted stress and symptoms for IBD, but I was fortunate enough to curb those. Over the next few posts, I’ll give you some tips on keeping your IBD calm while moving (below), compiling a new team of doctors, and maybe some other miscellaneous insight to random things I have had to deal with during this move. If you’ve been to my blog before, I’ve already posted some tips on how to travel safely with IBD. With my move, I…

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    I wanted to give you all some updates on what’s going on! It’s been a crazy few weeks for me, even while being stuck at home during quarantine. And now, I am back at training for my new job for another 6 weeks. The last couple weeks I was home, I was able to venture out a bit more which was nice, but I still used extreme caution, which YOU ALL SHOULD BE!! It is not worth the risk of getting sick with our already fighting bodies! But enough with that :). Thank you to everyone who participated in the Instagram giveaway for masks. There will be more of those…

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    How to Handle Guilt while Battling IBD

    Dealing with guilt with your IBD diagnosis isn’t uncommon. I want to talk with you all about guilt and how to navigate it, since I have dealt with it for a long time during my IBD journey. Feeling guilty about your IBD or feeling as though you are a burden is nothing to be ashamed of. Learning how to channel this guilt into something more positive is so important along with being open about how you are feeling. The fact of the matter here is that IBD brings about a lot of negative connotation and emotion into our lives. What people don’t talk about when you get diagnosed is the…

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    My Quarantine Skincare Routine

    I wanted to talk to you all about my current skincare routine. This quarantine has been a great time for me to work on my skin so I wanted to share what I am doing with you guys! We all know that Crohn’s, and IBD in general, can wreak havoc on our skin. Inflammation, redness, rosacea, acne due to hormonal and digestive issues, you name it, we all struggle with something.  People who suffer from multiple autoimmune syndromes typically have a skin condition in addition to the other array of diagnoses they have. I know for me, my rosacea tends to get real bad if my Crohn’s is unhappy. But,…